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MacTek first began serving Southern Utah in 2000. At the time we were the only all Apple / Macintosh service in Southern Utah. We then billed ourselves as, "On-Site Specialists." Something that is no longer possible in most cases due to the increasing complexity of opening Apple computers, and special tools and diagnostics needed not available On-Site. The founder Robert Stevens moved on to doing home theatre during the housing boom all while still repairing Apple products. In 2010 he opened a shop on bluff street in Southern Utah which was short lived due to an opportunity to be the Master Technician / Service Manager for Simply Mac. Robert has decided to move on and re-open MacTek after nearly seven years at Simply Mac, accumulating over eight-thousand repairs, with a lifetime total of well over ten-thousand repairs under his belt. During Robert's tenure at Simply Mac, he has won president's club in 2016, as well received Master Tech MVP for 2012, and 2013. In addition, he was recognized as one of the two top performing technicians within Simply Mac by Apple in 2013. He along with his service team attained Premium Service Provider six years in a row, Apples highest Authorized Service Provider Status. Our goal is to treat every customer like family and get your computer running as we would want our own to run.

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Our Services

Here is just a little of what we do...

• Hard Drive replacements / Upgrades (SSD or HD)
• Display Replacements
• Ram Upgrades
• Software repair and malware removal
• Internal component replacement - power supplies, batteries, logic boards, fans, etc.
• Power adapters
• Data backups, time machine setups
• Password resets
• Data Recovery - In-House or through our professional partner, Kroll Ontrack
• This is just an example of what we offer, we offer much more, feel free to call us anytime and leave a voicemail, we will call back ASAP.

More Details

Vintage computers - Apple / Apple Authorized Service Providers generally deems computers over five-six years old as vintage and does not provide parts and some services for those units. We have a variety of sources and will do our best to obtain parts for vintage units. Some vendors may require a little longer processing time for these parts.

Data Recovery - MacTek will provide data recovery services on hard drives which permit this. Some units may require professional data recovery services and would need to be sent out to one of our parter companies.

Data Transfers - We will be happy to provide our customers with Mac to Mac and PC to Mac data transfers as permissible to what Apple's data transfer allows. We generally only transfer what is included with Apple's data transfer service. We will do our best to transfer other data as needed.

One on one Workshops - Our staff includes a former Simply Answers member from Simply Mac who is very personable and well versed in all areas of Apple products, MacTek will provide half hour or one hour sessions on just about any topic you need assistance with. Our most popular session would be one on one Q&A.

Recycling - In an effort to reduce computers from going to landfills, MacTek will take in and recycle your liquid damaged, broken, and non-functional units for recycling. Our goal is to place one or more units per month with a needy family in cooperation with local relief agencies.


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511 East Saint George Blvd. Suite A, Saint George, UT 84770